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    5 Ways the iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing, Part 3 – Talent Development & Training

5 Ways the iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing, Part 3 – Talent Development & Training

Organizations with productive learning cultures see lifts of up to 12% in employee performance and 3.2% increase in profit, according to a recent CEB Survey, proving the importance of investing in effective development programs.

Well, you might be wondering: “Why is TopRight talking about learning and development, if they are a strategic marketing consulting firm?”

During this five-part series, we are assessing our predictions from 2010 on how the iPad would become a “Killer Platform” with an extensive enterprise adoption. In short, after iPad’s five-years launch anniversary, it’s time to review the impact of its adoption in various business scenarios, including Customer Empowerment, Complex Sales, Talent Development and Training, Entertainment and Edutainment, and Value Chain Optimization.

With the evidence of multiple business cases, our predictions for the first two chapters of this series […]

TopRight’s Top Three Productivity Hacks

Keeping up with the latest news, information, industry trends, insights, etc. can be time-consuming. In fact, it can be all-consuming – and that’s not surprising when you consider that we consume, on average, about 6.9 million gigabytes of information per day—the equivalent of nine DVDs worth of data each day!

As such, I’m always seeking productivity hacks – apps that help me do more in less time. So when it comes to collecting, sorting and sharing content that matters to me, here are my top three tools:

Feedly – “A single place for all the knowledge you rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.11.01 AM

Aggregate blogs and publications, YouTube channels, Google Alerts, and internal company content to quickly view the latest and most relevant news that you care about. The […]

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    5 Ways the iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing, Part 2 – Complex Sales

5 Ways the iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing, Part 2 – Complex Sales

More than 100 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store as of June 2015.


To put that in perspective, if you took a penny for every app downloaded and laid them out flat, you could cover 14 square miles.  

Of those downloads, business applications boast 10.38 percent of the share of active apps, second only to the Games category. It is clear that the iPad has been a consumer adoption success, but what about enterprise tablet adoption? Is it the “killer platform” we forecasted it to be?


During this five-part series, we are reviewing our predictions from early 2010 on how the iPad would revolutionize marketing and business computing. Specifically, […]

Three Traits of a “Transformative CMO”

As organizations strive to set themselves apart from competitors, marketing has taken on new prominence throughout the business process. We believe, as do most other observers, that the days of marketing-as-brand-builder and customer-targeter are a thing of the past. Today, marketing is actually involved with transforming how business is done, and it all starts with the CMO. Another key point—albeit not unique—it makes is that CEOs and corporate boards are scrutinizing marketing activities with unprecedented analytical intensity.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.41.09 AM


According to executive search firm Korn Ferry, a “Transformative CMO” is marked by these characteristics and core competencies:

1. Creating the new and different: The ability to generate new ideas and breakthroughs requires vision, creativity, and broad interests and knowledge.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.56.41 AM


2. Focusing on action and outcomes: Transformative […]

5 Takeaways from TopRight’s Top Posts of 2015

What do the analytics teach us about our online engagement and content marketing efforts in 2015? Here’s a few top tips from our brief assessment of TopRight Partner’s most popular posts on our blog and LinkedIn.

1. A/B test titles

Our most viewed post on the LinkedIn platform was Infamous Celeb-Athlete Scandals Usher in the New Era of Sports Sponsorships with 895 views, 98 likes, and 14 shares. This title proved to be significantly more impactful than the original title we tested: The New Era of Sponsorship Measurement.

2. Tap into local events for LinkedIn content

Atlanta: “The Silicon Valley of Financial Transactions” covered a phenomenal FinTech panel at Venture Atlanta, an annual conference that has helped Georgia technology companies raise over $1.3B in funding. This post was our most shared post on LinkedIn with 16 shares, 461 views, and 25 […]

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    How The iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing: Part 1 – Customer Empowerment

How The iPad [Did or Didn’t] Transform Marketing: Part 1 – Customer Empowerment

What device are you reading this on, right now? Mobile? Tablet? Laptop? Desktop?

If you answered tablet, then perhaps you’re using one of the 300 million iPads that has been sold since its release in 2010. In fact, the Apple iPad Air 2 and Apple iPad Mini were among the top five best-selling consumer electronics during the 2015 holiday season.

There’s no doubt that the iPad has been a consumer adoption success of unprecedented proportion, reaching its sales peak after the release of the iPad Air model in 2013. But the future isn’t looking too bright: tablet sales started declining, down 8% in the last two years.

Enter the hybrid.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), hybrid tablets, like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, are expected to boost the steadily declining tablet market – a boon for […]

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    The Secret Sauce in the 6-Second Brand Story [MarketingProfs Podcast]

The Secret Sauce in the 6-Second Brand Story [MarketingProfs Podcast]

You have six seconds to earn the attention of your prospective customer.

Yes, six seconds.

A 6-second window for making a connection. Six seconds to give your customers, your audience, a reason to care…a reason to want to learn more. And if that connection is lost in those first few seconds, then it is really lost, and they are most likely not coming back.

Success in those six seconds depends on three foundational pillars your story absolutely must have: simplicity, clarity and alignment.

We have learned from experience, this is something you either have, or you don’t. There is no middle ground. Does your story, and how your customer experiences that story, cause them to want to engage with you further to actually get the chance to close a sale? Because remember, the point of marketing is not to close […]

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    10 Top Tips for Selecting the Right Marketing Automation Vendor

10 Top Tips for Selecting the Right Marketing Automation Vendor

One of my bosses early in my career used to publicly proclaim: “Stop complaining – all marketers are resource constrained – you just need to learn how to do more with less!” 

At the time, I took issue with this sweeping generalization. However, since the most recent recession, I have found a great deal of truth in that statement.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the field of Marketing Automation has become white-hot in the past five years.  Marketing Automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so marketers can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.   

These days it seems that every major software company is staking their claim and proclaiming their leadership position in marketing automation.  Unfortunately for the marketers tasked with finding the right solution, […]

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    Good to the Last Drop: How Your Favorite Brand Reveals Your Age

Good to the Last Drop: How Your Favorite Brand Reveals Your Age

Our friend Tom Anderson, at OdinText, recently came up with an interesting and rather unique way to look at brands and gain a better understanding for whom the brand is most likely to be top-of-mind.

As those of you involved in marketing research know, open-ended text survey questions are tough to work with because the unstructured nature of the data is so unwieldy and difficult to analyze. Even when they are included in a survey and analyzed, results are rarely expressed in anything more useful than a simple frequency ranked table (or worse, a word cloud).  So, we tend to default to structured choice or Likert scale rating questions that have proven to be less effective at predicting actual consumer behaviors.

Thanks to a unique patented approach to dealing with unstructured and structured data in OdinText, analyzing this type of data is both fast […]

The Top 5 Life-Changing Tech Breakthroughs in 2016

Imagine to never again fight other passengers for an outlet at a busy airport charging station or to jocky for a table at Starbucks because of its proximity to an electrical outlet. Over one-third of Americans said wireless charging everywhere would bring positive change to their lives—more so than smart, self-flying drones; virtual reality; or a better connected “Internet of Things.”

Inspired by the WSJ article “The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2016,” we conducted a survey to see what you think will be the most life-changing technology in 2016. Here are the results. 

Which of these ideas, gadgets, and breakthroughs is most likely to change your life in 2016?



The Biggest Breakthrough

Of the 300 people surveyed, 37 percent indicated the most life-changing technology of 2016 […]