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3 Tips for a new CMO

tips for a new CMO

The first several weeks of a new Chief Marketing Officer’s tenure are critical. They offer a window into the kind of impact he or she will have on the company in the years ahead. In fact, within 100 days or so, the climate in the marketing department will shift to accommodate the temperament of the…

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What’s your Website Strategy?

website strategy

Don’t dive into web development until you discuss website strategy first: Over the years, we have had many prospects ask us to help them improve their website. But, they often begin this discussion without even addressing the topic of website strategy first!  The conversation usually opens with a baiting question like: “So, what do you…

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Marketing That Doesn’t Look Like Marketing: The La Croix Story

hidden marketing and the rise of la croix

Stealthy, understated, often undetectable, true authenticity in advertising can best be described as marketing that doesn’t look at all like marketing. A successful company might even insist that they never really cared much for commercial success, that they were just lucky or patient. This itself is, of course, part of their Story. If you take…

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The Truth About Social Media

Social media: every business needs to be using it, that’s a well-known fact. Yet, marketers still face the challenge of knowing what platforms they should be on and where to focus their social media efforts. It’s safe to say that every business should be on Facebook. This is important for several reasons: 68% of the…

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How to Power Up Channel Partner Relationships

As a recognized global communications leader that enables millions of customers to transform their businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions, CenturyLink offers network and data systems management, Big Data analytics and IT consulting, and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The company provides broadband, voice, video, data…

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How to Drive Profit Without Forsaking Your Customers

What do 99 cent romance novels and marketing strategies have in common? On Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, it’s more than you might think, and it all ties back to profit. Nestled between the ebook pages of books with titles like Her Cocky Firefighters and Playboy Ever After lies sinister SEO scheming, ghostwriting, and ethically questionable…

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Making EVERY Customer the Hero

The Customer as Hero

Inclusion can make a company broadly successful. It’s no secret that a more diverse work environment is a stronger work environment, and businesses everywhere are taking massive steps to remedy years of workplace prejudice. However, that’s not to say that we’ve reached the be-all, end-all of inclusion, not by a long shot. When considering inclusion,…

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How to Build a Brand to Last

In 1994, Jim Collins co-authored one the most important business books ever written: Built To Last,  It’s also one of the best books on branding that I’ve ever read – even though I challenge you to find the word “brand” anywhere in the book.   Over a six-year period, Collins and Jerry Porras, researched and…

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What I Learned in the First 90 Days as a CMO

The following is a guest post written by Dawn Colossi, a leader in transformational marketing and CMO of FocusVision.  I spent the past seven years in the Marketing Department of a high-tech software company. I held several titles during that time but about four years ago I went all in on Digital Marketing. Around that…

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7 Ways Product Bundling Can Boost Your Sales

This product bundling article is a collaboration piece with Laura Gayle. Laura is the founder of  Business Woman Guide, the trusted resource for women trying to start or grow businesses on their own terms. She is a full-time blogger who writes for major software companies, tech startups, and online retailers. We’ve all done it: ordered…

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Remarkable Supplier Relationships are Built on Story, Strategy and Systems

Few companies have as solid a reputation for supplier relationship management as Toyota does. The world’s biggest automaker has developed long-term, profitable and collaborative partnerships with its key suppliers over a period of several decades. In good times and bad, Toyota and its suppliers have faced the same issues together and Toyota has built strong…

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3 (Not So Crazy) Ways to Earn Attention for Your Brand

It never ceases to amaze me how creative (and crazy) some marketers can be when it comes to getting their message in front of their target audience. Consider the case of Uber and the aggressive campaign to introduce their new ride sharing service to people in Mexico City. The company’s marketing team sent out a small…

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