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New Book: Marketing, Interrupted Speaking Engagement

I recently spoke at the Atlanta eCommerce Forum on how to achieve more relevant, timely, and effective strategies for marketers, leaders, and executives.

Marketing is fundamentally broken, and traditional marketing methods are no longer effective. That’s why I wrote my book Marketing, Interrupted.

Today, consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day. These interruptive messages are a waste of money for advertisers and just plain bothersome to consumers. Now more than ever, companies need a clever and meaningful way to break through the clutter.

I often relate this to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s Best Video award at the 2009 VMA award show. That interruption was shocking at the time, yet it resulted in skyrocketed sales for all three artists: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé. Like Kanye, we as marketers will have to interrupt marketing-as-usual to make a greater impact.

Sometimes in order to succeed, you have to go a little crazy.

The truth is no one wants to be interrupted. Or “talked at.” Or “sold to.” We seek authentic. We expect relevant. And we want it only when we are good and ready for it. This calls for marketing to make a change: a change in how customers understand you, engage with you, and experience you. No longer is the story simply about you and what you offer. Your brand, your products, your services are not really the hero. The power and impact of your brand and products come from making the customer the hero and you, the marketer, serving as the guide on their buying journey. This is called Transformational Marketing.

At the Atlanta eCommerce Forum, I spoke to the group about some of the ideas in my latest book, Marketing, Interrupted. In the book, I follow the stories of transformational leaders and companies that successfully follow the 3S Methodology (Story, Strategy, and Systems) in order to break through the noise.

I also explain how you can implement some transformative marketing tactics without a big brand budget and successfully reach your customers in unique ways, ways that make your customers advocates of your brand.

Learn how you can put this into place at your company and give your customers a reason to advocate and remain loyal to your brand.

Watch my full presentation


To understand how your company can embrace transformational marketing, learn from the companies that have experienced success (and failure). You can now order my new book, Marketing, Interrupted, where I share some of the best lessons I’ve encountered over years of working with companies to tackle the unique challenges of marketing in the digital age.

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