Bill Stone


Bill knows from experience there is a lot of revenue stuck in your sales funnel, and his passion is helping organizations make the move — from pure transactional marketing to Transformational Marketing — to capture it. Clients looking to realize their strategic vision for innovative, integrated and holistic approaches find Bill helps them change the lens through which buyers view and understand them – so that more buyers buy, stay and buy more, and become advocates.

Bill has built a unique and holistic expertise over a 25 year career that traverses a broad expanse of disciplines. These include marketing, branding, demand generation, segmentation, personas and VoC, sales, sales enablement, channel development, database development and behavioral analytics. His customer-informed strategic insight and hands-on guidance, helps companies transform and modernize how they build their brand and acquire and retain profitable customers. Complimented with the use of forward thinking best practices and innovative and agile technology, he has enabled companies to drive more revenue out of their sales funnel and improve alignment between marketing, sales, and operations to scale growth and accelerate value. Bill founded multiple marketing and digital agencies (including an early direct marketing agency that fueled one of the fastest growing brands in Massachusetts over a 5-year period, as well as one of the first B2B/C database marketing companies). He was a solutions innovator at a top-25 global branding agency (Mullen Advertising), and has had senior marketing, sales, advisory and angel investor roles with dozens of companies in various industries. He is well-versed in disruptive marketing methodologies and has worked in the marketing and selling of MarTech, enterprise technology, life sciences, financial and other services on a global scale. Past clients include Constant Contact, Moody’s KMV, Liberty Medical, IBM and a host of others.