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10 Reasons You Should be Using Video in Your Digital Marketing

10 Reasons You Should be Using Video in Your Digital Marketing

This article was written in partnership with Amy Robinson, a Growth Hack Marketing Manager at InVideo. Amy has previously written and contributed to audience growth strategies, especially in the field of Video Marketing, for publications including Medium, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marketing Directo, and much more.

Regardless of platform, video has become the most popular type of digital content among consumers. It has also moved to the forefront of most marketing strategies, as it balances the advancement of technology with an unlimited expanse of creativity. Simply put, video is one of the most powerful and effective tactics for a digital marketing campaign. Proper implementation can take your average campaign to the next level and deliver a higher ROI than your traditional marketing methods. Furthermore, video enables you to introduce your business products and services in a highly efficient manner. A short explanation video or a teaser video will be much appreciated by your target audience – who value simple, timely and relevant communications.

“Videos are more powerful than words and pictures and leave a strong impression on consumers.” – Amy Robinson

From the simplest consumer product to complex technical solutions, any business can benefit from producing short introductory videos to educate and attract new customers. With a simple brand story and a pinch of creativity, you can create awesome marketing videos to give your audience a reason to care, a reason to listen, and a reason to engage.  And, when used appropriately in the Customer BuyWay, you’ll also maximize sales conversion and increase advocacy for your brand.

Especially for small businesses, video marketing enables your brand to “punch above its weight class” and win more customers by using video to tell your brand story to the right people at the right time. You can engage your audience on digital and social media channels, inform them about your brand and business, and interact with them in new and innovative ways. Small businesses are discovering that the costs of video production have declined dramatically thanks to advances in technology. So, what may have seemed out of reach from a marketing budget perspective just a few years ago, is now easily accessible for even startup businesses and new brands.

Why is Video Right for You?

The research is clear that producing video content is critical to marketing success, but in an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape you may be somewhat hesitant to charge ahead. For the skeptics out there, here are a few reasons why the time is right to make your move:

1. Generate Trust and Appeal

Consumers seek out brands who represent their brand story through video.  The brands that embrace video garner more trust than their competitors who don’t. Moreover, video connects with consumers more easily at an emotional level. As a result, video has outsized impact and influence on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

“Videos have the potential to establish a variety of emotive connections with consumers.”

Today’s video production tools enable brands to fine tune their messaging and for their audience. A video maker tool gives you the capability to deliver your messages in the most relevant, appealing and engaging way. A simple and clear video that connects through emotion will pay for itself many times over in new business.

2. Higher Value Content

Today, content is everywhere and can be overwhelming for customers who are looking for guidance to specific products and services. Adding to the noise in the market with complicated sales pitches and feature/benefit analysis will only make matters worse. Video can be a great way to cut through the noise by delivering authentic and valuable information – in a format that is easily digestible by your target audience.

“Consumers and businesses don’t want to be sold, they want to buy.”

People quickly search the internet to find the best products in the local market or around the world and then buy based on their research. Therefore, marketers must attract their audience with meaningful content and value-based offers rather than “persuasive sales pitches” and “one-off price promotions”. Video is also great for digging deeper into your customers’ unmet needs for products and services… even helping them discover things they didn’t even know they needed.

3. More Descriptive

Often one of the best approaches to get started is to make an explanation video. An explanation video simply describes who you are, what your brand story is, and what you offer to your target customers. If you want to amp it up a bit, you can also introduce animation to help demonstrate your product or service in action. Animation gives you the freedom to show things that might not work well with live-action, such as oversaturated colors, big exaggerated movements, and, of course, the integration of symbols to help simplify complex ideas to better engage your audience without putting them to sleep!

“If a picture is worth a thousand words… a video is worth a thousand pictures!”

Videos that offer “behind the scenes tours”, tutorials, FAQs, “unboxing” experiences, question/answer, and even testimonials can provide better insights into your business and products and convert your leads into customers and advocates. These types of videos also share well on social media because of their entertaining and educational nature. When done right, they shouldn’t feel like a sales pitch. If your audience feels like they want to be part of your story, they will be motivated to share with others.

4. Optimize Search

Search engines help you enhance the rankings of business product offerings for the desired keywords that incorporate video marketing because of their high-quality content. Videos are excellent drivers of traffic, but only if you make them visible for search engines. People use keywords when searching, so you should optimize your visual content with text. Remember, search engines can’t read images, only words.

“Featuring videos on different social platforms and your website can have a tremendous effect on SEO, as long as the video itself is properly optimized.”

One way to do it is by adding alt tags that describe or give context to the content. Even if a video fails to load properly on your site, the alt tag will be displayed in its place to provide information. Some examples of what you may use as an alt tag include the content’s name, link, specifications, or source. It also helps to write a caption under every visual element. The longer and more detailed the description is, the better. The caption should always be anchored on relevant keywords to make it friendlier for search engines.

5. Greater Chance of Return on Investment

Video marketing is more responsive and measurable which results in a higher return on investment for brand promotion when compared to traditional marketing outreach approaches. With today’s technology, you’ll know how frequently your video is viewed and by whom.

“The latest technology host offers video recording and editing at an affordable price to create compelling and descriptive videos for marketing.”

You’ll know if the viewer completed the video or abandoned halfway through. You’ll know what images, messages and offers are triggering click through and which are not. In short, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences and behaviors. This visibility and accountability help to save countless hours and wasted marketing investment.

6. Personalized Storytelling

The most competitive brands that are winning in the market are using video to tell their story and activate their digital marketing strategies. Studies show that over 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that understand their personal needs and send offers that are highly relevant to their interests.

“Video allows you to tell your brand story, grab and hold people’s attention while entertaining them at the same time.”

Intelligent video production automation enables a brand to target a specific customer persona with a curated set of offers and messages – a highly personalized video that is unique to each prospect. When a prospect experiences a personalized video, they know that the brand has taken the time to understand their needs and prepared something tailored to their needs. Needless to say, this type of video personalization makes a huge impression and results in significant increases in conversion rates.

7. Increased Rate of Conversion

The evolution of marketing now revolves around the growing demand for instant gratification from consumers. The definition of instant gratification is opting for immediate pleasure now instead of a better return in the future. You feel like you want something, and you want it now. Right now!  Videos fulfill this consumer desire and shift behaviors by meeting them on their terms. This has a widespread impact on today’s media-led consumer groups.

“People have little time to read product reviews in a busy life, so videos can help you gain in-depth insights into product details.”

Videos are easy to create and are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Research suggests that brands that consistently use video marketing activations will ultimately increase customer conversion, content sharing and brand advocacy.

8. Timely and Personal

Posting your promotional videos on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat is great for getting an intimate glimpse of what you’re doing right now or a short, personal glimpse about your product, personality, and business.

“The interesting part of video marketing is that they are available 24 hours a day, giving you a more real-time feel.”

Videos are also very suitable for advertising that focuses on time-sensitive promotions.

9. Motion Sells

Video presentations attract consumer attention and effectively explain the features of a product. Video provides more comprehensive information, like product usage in context, and allows consumers to determine for themselves if it is worth the investment.

“Websites with video garner more of the viewer’s attention because consumers are less dependent on the text display of branded items.”

In short, motion sells and is more likely to trigger purchase behaviors than static product presentations.

10. Enhanced Social Media Presence

There are some amazing reasons why you can incorporate video into your marketing activities or learn how to make great videos if you are interested in your business’s digital marketing.

“Stick to the optimal video length for various channels and platforms and garner as much customer attention as you can.”

Posting your videos regularly on YouTube and social media platforms distinguishes your brand and helps your products stand out in the crowd.


People love watching videos. Creating compelling videos to tell your brand story is the best place to start. It’s easy to integrate your product features and create innovative use cases using the latest and simplest video editing apps. Video helps you get closer to your audience, generate an emotional reaction and give them real insights into what you, your business, or your customers are doing. Make sure to use high-quality video, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and maintain a stable position online.

Video marketing is one of the most effective business communication tools just waiting to be used to its full potential. Forging ahead in the world of video technology and executing it well is a surefire way to head down the road to success. If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest video trends, our recent article will focus your attention on what matters most about it. If you’d like to read more stories about brands that are transforming their marketing into through Story, Strategy, and Systems, download a free preview of my new book: Marketing, Interrupted.



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