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CRM to the Rescue!

In this chaotic era of ours, with plenty of people still working from home, it’s surprising to learn that many companies still aren’t taking full advantage of what a top-of-the-line customer relationship management (CRM) platform can really do. Recently, even the scientific community has discovered the power of the CRM, using it for some Covid-19 contact tracing initiatives.

And if a CRM can competently trace and store data on hundreds of thousands of people exposed to Covid-19, don’t you think it could be an effective tool keeping up with your own customer audience?

Ultimately, using a CRM doesn’t just mean tracking leads, it means treating each customer like the only customer: timely communication, personalized content, information gathering, data analytics. Along with marketing automation generally, using a CRM is for a forward-focused company with lots of creativity and ambition.

Here are the three main ways a CRM can rescue and transform your client strategy.


By this I mean your brand’s ability to manage accounts: “Account Ability.” But I’m also referring to the original definition: keeping records that allow for accountability throughout your firm.

Imagine if you had a record, available at the touch of a button, of every interaction with a qualified lead. I mean emails, site visits, phone calls, online chats, and much more. This kind of information vastly improves how and when you communicate with new accounts and informs your conversations with reps so you can start off on the right foot and never lack critical information.

Elevating your abilities with account interaction in this way means showing them they matter and that you are really paying attention—a factor that has an enormous impact on whether people choose to trust you. And trust and accountability at the heart of good marketing.


I use Google Analytics to track my visitor rates at my websites. Though useful in aggregate, these numbers are not granular enough to offer any real insight, other than how many people are checking out my brand on a particular day.

With CRM analytics, you get virtually any data you could wish for down to the most minute detail regarding your audience. Which industries do they generally come from, where in the world or the country are they located? How many times did they visit your site and what did they do when there? Plus name, company, contact, and much more. With our CRM, as it tracks these categories of data, our leads earn points that elevate them, eventually, to qualified lead status. When they reach status, a whole new customized response from the system is initiated, bringing the client in using their particular interests and needs.

This is what analytics are really for. They’re not just for big picture thinking, they’re for granular, on-the-ground customer relations that will supercharge your ability to gain and keep new clientele.


Here I’m referring to content scheduling and content strategy. Because this is where the action is.

Our CRM allows us to stay on top of the latest news and to keep up a dynamic social media personality. We schedule our tweets and outbound content, we have weekly content strategy that involves email, social posts, and article submissions. Using the CRM, we can play with themes and adjust our approach last minute, and then analyze the data when the play is complete.

A process that once seemed spread out and hard to manage is now contained in one or two pages of our platform, full of data to analyze and content to push out to our audience at a moment’s notice. And on holidays when the building is closed, or when folks are out of the office for long periods, the platform takes over in the meantime and does it all for us. Then, my data is ready and waiting on Day One when I return. This is convenience and efficiency that is critical to success.

The Takeaway

In the end, the promises of the CRM tie in perfectly with TopRight’s 3S methodology: telling a clear and compelling story, using an effective Strategy that reaches the right people at the right time, and employing systems that align marketing and sales with the rest of your organization. (To learn more about the 3S methodology, read our ebook Transformational Marketing: Moving to the TopRight.) It’s why we use the CRM we do. We’ve been so successful with it we’re surprised when other brands haven’t taken the time to examine what a CRM is and how it can transform your marketing. The question now is: What are you waiting for?

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