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Google Ads Are More Important Than Ever

Google ads have become an indispensable part of every digital marketing strategy. Companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to Google to increase their reach by leveraging the biggest search engine platform in the world. Digital marketing campaigns can be a massive waste of money if your keywords are incorrect and you target the wrong market niche. Digital marketing and advertising are all about having the right story, at the right time, and the right place, and what can be better for this than Google Ads.

Google Ads enable businesses to display promotional material at the top of the search engine results page through a pay-per-click strategy. This can work for virtually any industry vertical, for example, a firm providing legal services may run a campaign for its auto accident lawyer on Google Ads management.

Here I will discuss the ways Google Ads is a big help for brands across all industries in 2021.

You Can Build Your Following

It’s 2021, and no matter the industry vertical, there is likely cutthroat competition in the market where you compete. All brands want to attract and build a larger audience. Google ads give you an excellent platform for serving this purpose. By displaying your website on the top page of Google’s search engine results page, you can be visible to many people. This can lead to an increase in traffic on your website and help you to generate more leads. Approximately 2 Trillion searches are done on Google every year and around 5.6 billion searches every day. So, this is a golden opportunity for people who know how to use it.

Launch Breakthrough Campaigns

One of the USPs of using Google ads is that being the market leader Google constantly adapts and updates its services by taking into cognizance the new trends of the market. Google has introduced some new ad campaigns that are relevant to today’s needs. This includes:

  • Video ad Campaigns
  • Discovery ads
  • Display ads

This makes Google the best of the lot for your advertising campaigns as it knows the market too well.

Outmaneuver Your Competitors

Google ads provide a good platform to polarize more people for your products or services for those who know how to use them effectively. A well-planned and executed Google ad campaign makes sure that you are visible on top of the search results. This paves the way to lead the market as you are visible to more potential customers, which means that you can outrank your competitors by using more targeted and specific keywords.

Understand the Market

Today’s times require us to know the market well, and the advanced algorithms of Google ads provide a whole lot of information about the market like:

  • Keywords used to find your website
  • The time and days of the week on which they search
  • Their location
  • Demographics

All these things are hard to find by yourself, and Google ads make it much easier for its users. By knowing the market well, you can act accordingly and ensure that your product appeals to the customers.

Maximize Marketing ROI

It is 2021, and the market is full of customers using different social media platforms. Traditional marketing has lost its value, and digital marketing is a new way to target more customers. This has led to an increase in the marketing budget of the companies. A crucial part of any ad campaign is high ROI, and Google ads do precisely the same. Google’s massive reach and fair bidding policies enable businesses to get a high ROI.

The Takeaway

These have been challenging times for brands to give their customers a reason to care, listen to their story and engage during the recent recession. Now as the economy improves, and people are again starting to spend, marketers should capture this opportunity to develop and deepen as many customer relationships as possible. Google ads provide an excellent platform for this purpose. If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage Google to transform your marketing and connect with your customers, follow me @TopRightPartner on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn, subscribe to the TopRight blog, and buy copies of my latest books,  Strategic Analytics and Marketing, Interrupted.

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