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Shareable Story Makes Marketing Magic Real

Date Icon Aug 30, 2018
Author Icon Judi Friedman

Do you believe in marketing magic? I do. I believe in the magic of a brand’s Shareable Story because I have seen great stories work time and time again.

A great story has the power to change minds. It can overcome apathy and move people to action. It has longevity, often being shared across multiple generations, to precisely the right people at the right time. This is your Shareable Story: a brand narrative so compelling, meaningful and authentic that people are passionately driven to share it with others.

Did you know that 10% of the world’s population convinces the other 90% to do something?

The people within this 10% are Influencers – – people who move others to action. Influencers share their experiences and stories because of the impact they will have on others’ lives. They stash away stories and bring them out when they believe somebody in their social universe (work, family, friends, online, offline) will benefit. A Warc Best Practice study on word of mouth marketing defines Influencers as, “Everyday consumers who are substantially more likely than average to seek out information, share ideas, information, and recommendations from others.” Everybody is influential in some aspect of their lives, but not everyone is an Influencer. Influencers live to share stories – – they thrive on sharing them with the right people at the most relevant times. What better form of targeted marketing could there be?

And, when your Shareable Story reaches Influencers, it pays off:

  • Word of Mouth marketing drives $6 trillion in consumer spending. (US Dept of Commerce)
  • Word of Mouth influences up to 50% of all purchasing decisions (McKinsey)
  • Referred customers have a 37% higher retention rate. (Deloitte)

A great Shareable Story is the Holy Grail of Micromarketing. It’s what we as marketers should truly be seeking. A Shareable Story is one that Influencers will hear, believe, act on, and incorporate into their personal story libraries. This is only done when you have truly made an impact or difference in your customers’ lives.

Here are some steps you can take in crafting the right Shareable Story:

  1. Broaden your View

Accept that you can’t write solely from the perspective of your brand. We get it, your brand is awesome, it solves a problem and brings people joy. But, a myopic story is like being at a party with someone who is only talking about himself. The Art of the Story is crafting and speaking the truth of your story in such a way that it is actually not really even about you at all. It is really about your customers and the difference you make in their lives once they engage with you, buy from you, stay with you.

  1. Know your Why

As Dave Sutton shares in his new book ‘Marketing Interrupted’, you have to understand what drives your business, beyond revenue – which is, of course, a ubiquitous motivating factor. But, you have to understand and acknowledge why you do what you do, then transform that ‘why’ into a story that your audience can relate to and embrace.

  1. Be Relevant and Interesting

Your brand is not the hero, your customers are. For a Shareable Story to be adopted by Influencers within your target audience, it has to be relevant and interesting enough for them to share it. A powerful story is about your customers and the impact your brand has had on their lives…not your actual products or services.

  1. Don’t Stretch the Truth

If there’s room for grey in your Shareable Story – revise it! Make sure everything you say is genuine. People can tell if you’re hedging your bets, so don’t do it. Influencers are motivated by new experiences, but their experiences must match the actual story you’re telling. In essence, your Shareable Story must be rooted in authenticity.

Transformational Marketing through Storytelling

If you follow these deceptively simple steps, you can create a story that will matter to the people who matter to you (and your bottom line.) Not only that, they will find more people who matter to you – without you having to do a thing. For more insight into how to refine your brand story and transform customer engagement, check out TopRight’s Transformational Marketing ebook.

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