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How to Broaden a Consumer Audience Using AI Analysis

Back in November, we launched an AI-powered campaign to drive engagement with Brockmans Gin, a premium spirit from the UK. In the New Year, we’re taking stock of our end-of-year initiative and reviewing the results of a targeted, consumer-facing social media campaign.

The goal was to capture data that could help us broaden little-known Brockmans’ US audience and penetrate deeper into the domestic spirits market. Let’s take a look at what went down.

1) First, We Collected Data

Using a voluntary Facebook sweepstakes ad, we engaged consumers and asked them to offer us some data on who they are and what their beverage preferences were.

With the help of Beehive, we took this data—over 1500 emails, plus consumer insights—and enriched the data by laying out a few possible “personas.” (More detail in the next section.)

Using AI analysis, we sorted and segmented the findings with the aim of not just spreading the word on Brockmans Gin, but truly engaging a wider audience above and beyond this one small group.

2) We Built Three Audience Personas 

Our data strongly implied that we had at least three “personas” to work with: Trendy Tina, Cocktail Christine, and Martini Mike. These were mostly suburban up-and-comers with expendable income and an interest in quality cocktails for gatherings and parties.

Trendy Tina was an urban mom and homeowner in her 40s, looking to establish or take up new trends. She loves fun, intimate settings and spirits that are smooth and drinkable.

Cocktail Christine was a thriving millennial. She was interested in impressing friends and colleagues with a quality product.

Martini Mike was a late-middle age white collar professional with a lot of experience in fine liquors. He was most interested in cost and quality.

3) We Engaged the Market via Facebook

Using these personas, we designed and deployed targeted ads on Facebook. This helped to broaden our audience and expand interest in the product, and it also came with plenty of fresh data for AI analysis.

4) And We Got Great Results

So far the campaign has been bringing in excellent results, effectively cementing Brockmans entry into the American market. The stats below are not only ad ideal foundation for 2021, but they help clarify the nature of market demand for premium gin and illuminate the possibilities for future growth.

  • Brockmans’ Facebook Sweepstakes resulted in over 1500 responses.
  • The ongoing campaign has so far elicited over 167,000+ impressions on social media.
  • An additional email campaign had an open rate of nearly 60% with a CTR of 4.5%.
  • A foundation for 2021 sales in a suite of major US cities was established.

These figures suggest that there is a high level of interest in premium gin with lots of room for growth in the US market. The open and click-through rates on the emails were especially high compared to other campaigns, which shows you that audiences are interested in new information about the product and up for engagement in a compelling brand narrative that sets them on a targeted buyer’s journey.

Altogether it was a great success, and as we continue to build on these campaigns in 2021 we will have more insight and info for you to peruse. Meanwhile, sign up for the TopRight blog! Then contact us here or on Twitter, or drop me a line at LinkedIn.

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