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8 Tips from Transformational Marketers

If you’re a new business owner, you know that transforming marketing and accelerating the growth of your business is a daily challenge. As I always say, marketing is both an art and a science and it takes a healthy dose of patience and discipline to get it right. One of the best ways to learn about transformational marketing is to listen to stories from other marketing leaders and what they are doing to successfully grow their businesses.  Below, we’ve captured the thoughts of 8 transformational marketing leaders who share a few tips on how they are winning and moving their businesses to the top right quadrant of performance in the markets where they choose to compete.

“The best advice I can give to any marketer is to always focus on the audience. Find your target audience, get to know them, understand their purchase behavior and journey, and use that intel to shape every marketing effort. Your marketing message needs to be focused on the people you’re trying to reach, and the more you can customize your approach the better.”

– Adam Hempenstall | CEO and Founder, Better Proposals


“Keeping up with all of the new marketing trends is challenging. You have to be agile and dynamic if you want to develop effective strategies. That being said, not every new strategy is going to work for every marketer or business. Instead of trying every new trend, it’s important to actually gauge what works and stick with it. For example, do not try and create a TikTok if your audience is not on TikTok. The hours you spend there won’t result in any conversions and therefore do not contribute to your bottom line. Instead, get to know your leads and customers. Understand who they are and where they spend most of their time. Then, optimize your strategy using those channels. Expert Tip: Do not try and use every marketing channel, instead focus on the channels that produce the best results and optimize your efforts there.”

– Alessandra Gyben |Marketing Director, GreenRope


”One effective tip is to film EVERYTHING! Video marketing is a top trend as it not only gets the messaging across in an effective way but by featuring on sites like YouTube or social media, they can help increase your SEO and in turn your google rankings. By capturing moments of the development, product manufacturing, service execution, employees, real customers as well as advertising videos, you can have a stock of film to use within multiple video topics.  Potential customers can connect with videos, whatever language they speak, and they can be useful not only in generating leads and orders but for after-sales guides and instructions too. Using ‘motion picture’ can bring your product, service and brand to life and be more powerful than some traditional medias.”

Gary Warner | Marketing Manager, Joloda Hydraroll


“Boost your content on social media. The information on social media is always changing, and we can’t ignore the reality that practically everyone has a social media account. According to Statista, there are approximately 3 billion social media users worldwide, with this figure expected to rise in the future years. I know that most marketers utilize social media ads and that 58 percent of them find them useful. B2B startups have also exploited social media as a marketing tool. This is why you should consider paying for adverts and boosting content. When it comes to paid advertisements and post boosting, each social media network has its own set of rules. To focus on this sort of marketing, you may need to assign a specialist social media marketer.”

Brett Quinn | CEO and Founder, StrategyX


”Don’t be intimidated by the big budgets of video marketing. Though investing in professional video production services can cost tens of thousands, you can start small, test the market, and see the impact on revenues before you leap. DIY your initial video marketing efforts by creating your own storyboard, buying some simple lighting, and using a smartphone to film – modern ones have incredible camera capabilities that easily create a professional-looking video. One of the easiest and most effective video campaigns is the customer testimonial. All you need are a camera and a few real-life customers willing to participate in creating a convincing video that boosts your brand’s image. Once you’ve established that videos are effectively increasing your revenues, you may be able to justify investing in professional video marketing to take your results to the next level.”

John Li | Co-Founder & CTO, Fig Loans


“Consistency is discipline and discipline, as we all know, is the key to success. You can’t send out your work on social media once a month and expect that everyone will see your work. No. Send out a picture every day to increase the chances of success. They say Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, you can’t expect to get your brand out there within one day. It’s not possible, or even realistic. Success takes time. And this is why many businesses that are not vigilant with marketing never leave a footing. They remain local or even fail. You’ve got to be consistent in marketing. It’s not a once in a while thing.”

– Evelyn Ott | Tattoo Artist and Content Writer, Soul Canvas Ink


“One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business is to create a video tutorial. In today’s fast-paced world, tutorial videos/how-to videos are everyone’s go-to source for grasping information on the go. Give information and teach people something useful. This can add more value and help to boost your visibility and increase your sales. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. Whenever someone wants to learn something – YouTube is the go-to platform. So just ask yourself what you could teach about your business that would help your users solve their pain points?”

– Sanket Shah | CEO, InVideo


“Social media is a powerful business tool that can help you increase your domain authority and improve search engine rankings. Not only does it provide an opportunity for engagement with customers, but also presents new leads through social discovery channels like hashtags or trending topics.”

– Austin Dowse | CEO, AIMVEIN


In Summary

Reflect on these tips from these marketing leaders – they should help point you in the right direction to transform your marketing and grow your business.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for more ideas on how to accelerate growth and assure the success of your marketing, subscribe to the TopRight blog! Or connect with me on Twitter and on LinkedIn. If you’re still on a quest for more marketing insight, pick up copies of our latest books: Strategic Analytics and Marketing, Interrupted.

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