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Announcement: Bill Fasig Promoted to CEO of TopRight

Date Icon Jul 20, 2020
Author Icon Staff

After eight years with the company, Bill Fasig will be taking the position of Chief Executive Office at the influential Atlanta-based consultancy firm.

“Bill has always impressed me deeply with his talents and capabilities in leading our largest clients,” said Dave Sutton, TopRight Founder and Chairman. “I see this change as the basis for the firm’s ongoing success and remarkable future growth.”



Fasig’s long and wide-ranging career in corporate and consulting executive leadership is by itself a testament to his talents and experience. Over 30 years, he has worked for a number of world-leading companies and brands ranging from Apple in global affairs and international business development, communications and branding, to Verisign as head of global marketing and corporate affairs, Compaq as head of global communications, Young & Rubicam/Burson-Marsteller as head of the worldwide Technology Practice, as well as leading a number of private and public emerging technology companies. Now he leads TopRight into the future.

“I continue to be very excited about the opportunities for TopRight,” said CEO Bill Fasig. “What has made us successful under Dave’s leadership, and what we will continue to build going forward, is the focus and capability to really drive client growth and engagement with audiences, adding value to client organizations every day.”

Bill Fasig’s new post begins immediately, and the TopRight team couldn’t be more supportive or more thrilled at the prospect of his leadership. Congratulations Bill!

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