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The Advantages of a Marketing Degree

Do you dream of becoming a marketing professional? Or, are you thinking about upping your game and adding valuable marketing skills to your resume? 

Marketing is a functional discipline that continues to grow rapidly and it presents many life changing opportunities for people who specialize in this area. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations tracked.

“Advertising, promotions, and marketing campaigns will continue to be essential for organizations as they seek to maintain and expand their share of the market.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

Here are a few advantages of securing a marketing degree:

Marketing Curricula Cover a Breadth of Business Knowledge.

People who earn marketing degrees understand the various functional areas of businesses. This will include market research, accounting and finance, online sales marketing technology and more. A degree in marketing covers important aspects of running a business including the dynamics of product design, development, and packaging. The degree also teaches learners how to test new products in the market and promote them.

Marketing is a Diverse Field of Study.

Marketing aims to respect everyone equally irrespective of their race, language or color. Your target audience may represent a broad set of needs and wants and to understand them fully, you will be require to conduct primary and secondary research.  This will include both quantitative and qualitative research.  To successfully complete a marketing study program, you will be required to adopt a data-driven approach to your research and writing efforts.  A deep dive into the motivations and interests of your target customer will require you to understand all sides of different issues and market conditions.  For example, to fully understand the recent  Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and it’s impact of consumer buying behaviors, you will likely start with some secondary research.  You will find Black Lives Matter essay topics at Samplius to find inspiration and a baseline for your understanding of your target audience.

Marketing Provides Many Career Opportunities.

A key benefit of a marketing degree is the sheer breadth of job opportunities that it affords. You can secure a job at entry-level or advanced levels based on your prior experience including brand management, sales management, product marketing and field marketing, to name but a few. If your personal passion leads you more towards the creative arts, you will find amazing job opportunities as an advertising copywriter, social media manager, digital campaign manager and much more.  The marketing curriculum offers valuable skills that you can immediately use in your job everyday. While studying, you receive training in various functional areas including finance, analytics, logistics, market research, communications, product management, and customer segmentation.  Your marketing qualifications can be a ticket to launching an incredible career that enables you to work as a Digital Nomad as there is a high demand for marketing skills in organizations around the globe. If you want to pursue a career with many opportunities, marketing is a great choice.

Marketing is Fun.

Another advantage of pursuing a marketing degree is the high level of personal enjoyment. And, the degree makes it easier to find a job that you will appreciate and love. From managing the social media pages of your favorite brands to designing award-winning advertising campaigns, the possibilities are endless. There is also personal enjoyment to be found in the satisfaction of that comes with developing, designing, and packaging a new product or service from start to finish.  If you are creative and love working in a team, getting a marketing degree is a great place to start your journey. In marketing, you’ll get an opportunity to meet interesting people and form lifelong relationships in your field.  You’ll connect with consumers at a meaningful level and come to understand what motivates their behaviors and triggers their intent to purchase products and services – a very rewarding feeling.

Marketing Offers Freelance and Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

Marketing degrees offer you the managerial foundation and a pathway to running your own business or entrepreneurial venture. The best academic marketing programs give you both the theoretical and practical understanding of business best practices.  And with case-study methods and internships, you will get the hands-on experience to give you the confidence to strike out on your own.  You could become a freelance contractor who moves from project-to-project providing specific skills and expertise.  Or you could even start your own marketing consulting or advertising agency to deliver your unique capabilities to the marketplace.  Marketing enables you to pursue your passions, build a business and make a difference.  You just need to have a winning business idea!

Marketing Teaches Valuable Communication Skills.

Most academic marketing programs are communication-oriented. Simple, clear and effective communication skills are an important characteristics that employers seek in their candidates. As part of your marketing program, you will be required to write papers on different topics.  Often, you will be required to present your findings and recommendations –  and persuading people to align with your position.  Most marketing programs today offer a case-based approach to their curriculum.  Students must analyze the case studies of famous brands and companies with marketing challenges and participate in group presentations. Case -based learning helps you move from the theoretical into the practical application of marketing startegies and tactics in the real world.  Your ability to clearly explain why a company adopted a certain marketing strategy or tactic to win new customers, will give you a taste of what work will be like when you graduate from your degree program.   It will also make it easier for you to comunicate and translate complex theories about marketing into practical applications for a company looking to transform their marketing.

In Conclusion.

With a marketing degree in hand, you will discover many great career opportunities in the market today. Finding personal fulfillment in your job will be more likely, as you will have broad-based business knowledge that can be applied in many different industries and product categories. Before you enroll in a marketing program, it makes sense to “do your homework” and ensure that you are making a choice that suits your budget, lifestyle, and professional goals.  So, be sure to carefully consider each of the questions mentioned above before applying for a marketing degree or certificate program. Transitioning from college to a successful marketing career can be tricky – so check out these tips for recent grads.

From our perspective at TopRight, it’s a terrific time to be in marketing because helping to move businesses to the top right quadrant of the markets where they compete is such a worthy and rewarding endeavor.  However, it requires real marketing skill to tell a compelling brand story, formulate a winning go-to-market strategy, and implement the marketing systems required to scale and grow a business.  Get started learning more today about how to create the right Story, Strategy, and Systems with my latest book Marketing, Interrupted and click here to follow me @TopRightPartner.

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