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Defining the How of Your Brand Story

Date Icon Apr 23, 2024
Author Icon Bill Fasig

Articulating how you do what you do is fundamental to your brand strategy. It’s not just about promoting what you offer – for this, a simple Google search would suffice. It’s about sharing your story, ethics, and the unparalleled approach your solutions take to the issues your audience is facing. Master this, and you’ve just enabled them to see why they should want what you’ve got.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of defining your how, addressing the challenge organizations face in conveying how they deliver their services and offering insights on defining this key aspect to effectively engage with target audiences. To ready your mind for diving into your how, check out our other blogs, “Do Your Customers
Understand What You Really Do?” and “Why Do You Do What You Do?”

Here are some thoughts on how to best do this.

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Why Your "How" Matters

What you do is a foundational element of your brand story.  

In a strong brand story, the why, what, and how are tightly interwoven, forming the basis of an organization’s strategy and mission. These three elements are commonly defined in a framework known as the “Golden Circle,” popularized by Simon Sinek. The why is the driving force behind your beliefs, the what refers to the solution(s) you offer, and the how is the thread that weaves them together.

How you do what you do embodies your philosophies, shaping the values, norms, and behaviors that define how you interact and make decisions. When your employees understand this, they’ll align their efforts with yours to promote a unified workforce. Your how is not just a methodology; it’s a living manifestation of your beliefs and your purpose. 

At the core of our operations at TopRight lies a profound connection between our how, our why, and our deeply ingrained values that serves as the compass guiding our decisions. Check out our how below.

TopRight&#39_s How

Take a note of the way each element of our how reflects and embodies the core values that define our company:

Honor ensures our how reflects our commitment to addressing needs with integrity.

Authenticity compels us to stay true to ourselves and our clients.

Passion fuels our ruthless consistency and dedication to strengthening connections.

Openness fosters transparency, receptivity, and the ability to adapt to change.

Finally, grace promotes thoughtful strategy executed with poise and professionalism.

By linking our how with our values and purpose, we created a holistic approach that resonates both internally and externally, forming the backbone of our organizational culture.


Articulating Your "How"

The first step in articulating your how is more of a step backward – back to clarifying your why. Take a moment to think about your company’s purpose. Why do you exist? What needs do you meet? Then, review and refine the values you believe are fundamental to your operation.

Next, consider implementing our three-fold approach:

  1. Engage in desk research.
  2. Hold stakeholder interviews.
  3. Conduct a competitive audit.

Rebranding Middlesex College Non-Credit

Take our journey with Middlesex College as an example to help you get started. They asked us to help rebrand their non-credit side, which focuses on teaching new skills, general knowledge, and personal hobbies. To begin, we initiated comprehensive desk research, delving deep into their history, values, and standing brand perception. This step provided us with a solid understanding of their identity at the time. 

Then, we held stakeholder interviews, conversing with businesses, faculty, and students to learn what differentiates Middlesex College. By tapping into diverse perspectives, we gathered unrestrained, candid feedback on their strengths, challenges, and standing in the community.

Finally, we conducted a competitive audit, looking at colleges in the region to identify best practices, gaps in the market, and opportunities for the college to set itself apart.

Using our approach, we created the following compelling, authentic how that directly connects with their audience.

Middlesex College&#39_s How

This clarified how not only provided them with a strategic roadmap for their operations, but also influenced various aspects of their institutional culture, communication, and overall effectiveness.


Connecting Beyond Words 

The power of articulating your how goes beyond surface-level descriptions. Taking the extra steps we’ve outlined will help you stand out as authentic and transparent.

Setting yourself apart requires you to commit to understanding and communicating the essence of your operation, culture, and values. Let your brand transcend the expected – share your journey, be real about your process, and show the heart and soul behind the company logo. This way, you invite your audience to engage with an ongoing narrative that resonates, connects, and inspires.

We’re here to help every step of the way. Get in touch with us today and we'll help you fully
embrace your how.


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