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The Secret Sauce in the 6-Second Brand Story [MarketingProfs Podcast]

Date Icon Jan 25, 2016
Author Icon Bill Fasig

You have six seconds to earn the attention of your prospective customer.

Yes, six seconds.

A 6-second window for making a connection. Six seconds to give your customers, your audience, a reason to care…a reason to want to learn more. And if that connection is lost in those first few seconds, then it is really lost, and they are most likely not coming back.

Success in those six seconds depends on three foundational pillars your story absolutely must have: simplicity, clarity and alignment.

We have learned from experience, this is something you either have, or you don’t. There is no middle ground. Does your story, and how your customer experiences that story, cause them to want to engage with you further to actually get the chance to close a sale? Because remember, the point of marketing is not to close the sale, it’s to open the conversation.

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